The Tarot is a deck of 78 cards that has been used for centuries as a means of divination, to help solve personal conflict, for meditation, and to explore one's inner feelings. The reader has the seeker cut the deck, thus crossing the Tarot with their energy, the cards are laid in a particular fashion, and the meaning for that person is based on the reader's interpretation of cards' relationships to each other.
I have a different approach to Tarot reading. While most readers follow a traditional interpretation of the cards and their meanings, I use them as a channel for my intuitive abilities which I discovered over 17 years ago. This gift has been in my family for many many generations.  My readings are not one of interpretations from books or historical definitions of the Arcana, they are what the lay of the cards makes me feel and see..
Most clients are accepting and open, and their energy is easy to interpret. Others are can be a little more resistant, or try to spoof the interpretation by giving false verbal clues. Often they are surprised and sometimes unsettled when I see past their defenses and hit on their true reason for seeking my counsel.
I generally seek out the problem or conflict within the person that needs the attention. If I sense none, I will turn them away, as they don't need my insight. My philosophy and motivation is one of healing and helpfulness; if those are not needed, neither is a reading.
I will never provide life-instructions, tell you to leave your lover, or tell you to make financial decisions based on my counsel. My use of the Tarot is not occult, nor do I have the ability or inclination to cast spells. I use the Tarot as a medium for your energy, to feel what you feel, and to share what this might mean to you. I try to help you work through things that may be blocking your energy or causing difficulty or conflict within your life.  How you interpret it and what you do with this insight is just as important as any message you may receive in your reading.
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